In order to continue, you must consent to the following Terms and Conditions. 




Method of Communication:  I understand and agree that Texas State University uses e-mail as an official method of communication with me, and therefore I am responsible for reading the e-mails I receive from Texas State University on a timely basis.  Failure to use (check) my university email account will not limit my responsibility regarding information Texas State University attempts to send.

Contact:  I authorize Texas State University and its agents and contractors to contact me at my current and any future cellular phone number(s), email address(es) or wireless device(s) regarding my delinquent student account(s)/loan(s), any other debt I owe to Texas State University, or to receive general information from Texas State University. I authorize Texas State University and its agents and contractors to use automated telephone dialing equipment, artificial or pre-recorded voice or text messages, and personal calls and emails, in their efforts to contact me.  Furthermore, I understand that my carrier may charge a fee to receive text messages and that I may withdraw my consent to call or text my cellular phone by submitting my request in writing to the office or position initiating the communication or in writing to the applicable contractor or agent contacting me on behalf of Texas State University.

Updating Contact Information:  I understand and agree that I am responsible for keeping Texas State University records up to date with my current physical addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers by following the procedure at  The linked procedure is incorporated herein by reference.  Upon leaving Texas State University for any reason, it is my responsibility to provide Texas State University with updated contact information for purposes of continued communication regarding refunds and any amounts that remain due and owing to Texas State University.

Electronic Business Agreement

Texas State University Student Business Services (SBS) utilizes electronic processes wherever possible to assure accuracy and to expedite business transactions.  Information regarding e-bill and 1098t is available at

I understand and accept that SBS, respective agents and contractors:

·         Use electronic signatures for agreements and transactions, including promissory notes and payment agreements

·         Send all notifications electronically.  This includes invoices, due date reminders, action required notifications, account transaction information, direct deposit notices, and 1098T notifications.  I will not receive paper bills or paper notifications.

·         Use electronic invoicing (e-bill) as its official billing method, and therefore I am responsible for viewing and paying my student account e-bill by the scheduled due date. I further understand that failure to review my e-bill does not constitute a valid reason for not paying my bill on time.

I understand and accept that:

·         I agree to provide my Social Security number (SSN) or taxpayer identification number (TIN) to Texas State University upon request as required by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations for Form 1098-T reporting purposes. This consent to receive my 1098T form electronically is effective immediately.

·         If I do not consent to receive my 1098T electronically, or later wish to withdraw my consent, I must contact SBS to receive a paper copy of my 1098T.

·         Instructions to access my 1098T are available on the SBS website. 

·         If, for any reason, there are changes to the hardware or software that causes me to no longer access my 1098T statement, then SBS will notify me before the changes are made. Furthermore, these changes may require me to sign a new consent.


If you do not consent, or later wish to withdraw your consent, you must contact Student Business Services regarding non-electronic business transactions.


Financial Obligation Agreement


Section 54.007 of the Texas Education Code allows tuition and fees to either be paid in full before the beginning of the semester or be paid under an installment plan with an initial payment due before the beginning of the semester. I agree to pay my tuition and fees by one of these options and understand the following:


·         All non-deferrable fees must be paid in full with the initial payment

·         If payments/credits on your student account are sufficient to cover the down payment of the payment plan, then no further action will be required to secure your classes.  You will be automatically enrolled in a payment plan for the term.  A $30 enrollment fee will be billed to your account.  For more information, please view the payment options information on the Student Business Services website.  Please note:  past due balances must be paid in full for courses to be secured.

o   A) This may or may not occur; therefore, it is my responsibility to ensure that I have completed all steps to secure classes. 

o   B) If adequate payments and/or financial aid have been received and I choose not to attend, I must officially withdraw from the university to prevent incurring the financial obligation.

·         Other charges may be added to my account balance due to adding classes, financial aid reversals, returned checks including e-checks, auxiliary charges, etc.  If I am on an installment plan, the additional charges may alter my payments due.  If I am not on an installment plan, or if the fees are not associated with the current semester, charges will be billed in full and payment will be required by the next university due date.

·         Payments not received on or before the established due dates are subject to a $25 delinquent charge.

·         Failure to make payments by the due dates may entitle Texas State to withhold official transcripts, deny registration and payment confirmation for subsequent semesters until the unpaid balance is paid in full.

·         Refunds due from drops, financial aid or scholarships will be applied towards any balance owed.

·         If I default on payment of university charges, I agree to reimburse Texas State the fees of any collection agency, which may be based on a maximum percentage of 30% as allowed by Texas law, and all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, incurred in such collection efforts.

·         If a recipient of a waiver, exemption, or third party billing tuition assistance, I understand the following:

o   All approved documents must be submitted to Student Business Services no later than the census date of the term.

o   Any portion of my tuition and fees not covered by the program or agency is my responsibility to pay by the appropriate due dates.

o   Assistance will be removed from my account if I become ineligible because established requirements were not met.

o   The University will not provide transcript, class schedules, or grade information to the sponsoring agency.

o   If I am a financial aid recipient, I have notified Financial Aid and Scholarships of the anticipated waiver, exemption or third party billing tuition assistance. 

o   I assume full financial responsibility for the balance owed to the university and all related penalties if the tuition assistance is removed from my student account.

·         If I drop or withdraw from some or all of the classes for which I register, I will be responsible for paying all or a portion of tuition and fees in accordance with the published tuition refund schedule at   I have read the terms and conditions of the published tuition refund schedule and understand those terms are incorporated herein by reference. I further understand that my failure to attend class or receive a bill does not absolve me of my financial responsibility as described above.



Financial Aid and Scholarships

Texas State University Financial Aid and Scholarships (FAS) utilizes electronic processes wherever possible to assure accuracy and expedite business transactions.  If you do not wish to use electronic processing, you will not be able to accept your financial aid awards (or view other aid information) online and must notify our office in writing of your desire to apply for financial aid.


Occupational License Notification


As a point of information required by the Texas Occupations Code, Section 1, Chapter 53, Sections 53.151 – 53.152, as amended in 2017 by HB 1508, if you are applying for admission to or currently enrolled in an educational program that may prepare an individual for an initial occupational license as defined under Texas Occupations Code Section 58.001 and/or if you later decide to change to an educational program that prepares you for an initial occupational license as defined under Texas Occupations Code Section 58.001, in accordance with state law, please be advised of the following:


·         An individual who has been convicted of an offense may be ineligible for issuance of an occupational license upon completion of the educational program.

·         Each licensing authority that may issue an occupational license to an individual who completes an educational program must establish guidelines that state the reasons a particular crime is considered to relate to a particular license and any other criterion that affects the decisions of the licensing authority.

·         Local or county licensing authorities may issue additional guidelines related to criminal history. Applicants should contact their respective local or county licensing authority for more details.

·         A person may request a criminal history evaluation letter regarding the personal eligibility for a license issued by a licensing authority under Texas Occupations Code Section 53.102.


Applicants are encouraged to review all applicable eligibility requirements related to the respective occupational license. Questions related to eligibility requirements should be directed to the applicable licensing authority.


Information Resources Security and Access Control Agreement


I understand that use of computer and network facilities owned or operated by Texas State University requires prior authorization, and that unauthorized access is prohibited.  I acknowledge that my usage of these facilities may be subject to security testing and monitoring, and that I have no guarantee or expectation of privacy, except as provided by applicable privacy laws.  If I abuse these facilities, I may be subject to criminal prosecution.  I agree that my use of these facilities means that I agree to comply with the policies of Texas State University and The Texas State University System.


Honor Code Agreement


I agree to abide by Texas State's Honor Code and uphold the principles of honesty and responsibility.


University Rules, Regulations and Policies Agreement

I agree to abide by all University and System rules, regulations and policies, and understand that any violation may result in disciplinary action by the University.